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Denise Lyall

Counselling and Psychotherapy

For adult individuals and couples in Edinburgh

What does counselling and Psychotherapy involve?

Counselling and psychotherapy provides an important means of reflection that can help reduce personal suffering.

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by our feelings and this often creates unhelpful thoughts or behaviours. Given an appropriate length of time, regular therapy presents the opportunity to reduce this effect, by healing emotional wounds from the past and the present.

The process of change can sometimes feel quite challenging, which is why the therapeutic environment and relationship are so important. An effective therapeutic relationship is based on a mutual commitment, respect and trust. It is within these conditions that change can take place safely and effectively.

It also requires a commitment from clients to engage in regular meetings, usually of 50 minutes duration, over a period of time. This can be weeks, months or years depending on the focus and depth of insight sought. Where possible the end point is agreed in advance and worked towards together.

Particular needs and expectations are discussed fully at the first session and are reviewed regularly thereafter.